What’s in a Name?

For many years my business has been known as Gary Summerton Photography. I photographed many weddings, family, and senior high schools portraits. I also created portraits for executives, architectural, product, and some food photography. It was a lot of specialties to put on a business card or website. In early 2016 I decide it was time to narrow the focus of my business to just commercial photography. The goal is to build a new business model. It became pretty obvious that Gary Summerton Photography would no longer work with the new brand and identity. I thought this would be an easy process. It turned out to be a long and difficult process to arrive at ChromePie Studio as the new name of our business.

Many of you are wondering how did I come up with ChromePie? I went through several months of research from Black Dog Studios, to Harbor Falls Studios, C&M Photography. Then I tried researching different antique car names, no luck. All those cool names were all ready taken. It turns out all of the cool names are already taken. Next I tried coming up with different names from different languages around craftsman, artisan, and no luck. I even tried Gallic, my parents are Scottish. Ceardai I Thought was a winner. Only one problem most of the world has never heard of Ceardai and they can’t pronounce it or spell it. One day I was reading an article in Maine Magazine about a chef and her Restaurant called the Lost Kitchen. I had found nirvana; we would be the Lost Photographer. And for about six weeks I was the Lost Photographer until my wife found out. She thought it was the worst thing on earth to name a business the Lost Photographer. After some research she was right.

What do I do now? New business, no name. I felt like my new business was going down in flames before I could even launch it. My dear friend Maria Dailey saved the day. She sent me a link to a blog post on how to name a business. It states everything we have been taught about naming a business is wrong. The article is by Dave Mooring, owner of Super Simple Dave suggests starting your research with asking yourself these folowing questions:

How will people find my business


How will my fans spread the word


How will people say it when they’ve never heard it


How will people spell when they have never seen it written


How will I use Technology


How will my name differentiate yourself from the competition


How long will people need to remember my name


How will people say it when they’ve never heard it


Next Dave suggests getting paper and pencil start by making two columns on that sheet of paper. First column write down a list of descriptive words, colors, adjectives. In the next column write down names things places. Combine your lists. Nothing is off the table. I created my list. At one point I had Blue Sands photography. That was not going to work. While out playing golf with my son my mind wondered off to my list of words. That list included things I love to photograph. Metal, Chrome, Steel, Glass, Food, Pie, Baked goods and on and on the list reached 2 pages. The listed items are many of the products that I love to photography for my new business. Two words on my list came just seemed to work. ChromePie as one word combined. ChromePie describes two of the things I love to photograph the most Metal and Food. Next a quick Google search revealed the name and more importantly the domain name was available.

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