Why You Need to Blog

I know what you are saying who has time to be blogging. In order to effectively engage today’s audience having an active well written blog will help drive your website’s goggle rankings to the top of the charts. By regularly posting to your blog, goggle’s spiders will see that your site is current. An up to date blog will help improve the SEO of your website by a large margin, helping move your site to the top of page one. Today’s younger potential clients  are searching online and educating themselves about your products and services before they ever contact you or visit your office. By sharing your expertise and knowledge on your blog  you will be seen as thought leader in your field.When blogging you should follow the 80/20 rule. 80 percent of the time you should be writing about issues that interest your potential clients, 20 percent of the time your posts should be about you. Ideas for articles are every where. You can do a google search on ideas you are interested in. Write about new products that will benefit your clients, share your design process. Let your potential clients get to know you better through your blog posts. It is easy to get started the trick is making it a habit and sticking with it. In the long run you will be glad you started that blog.

11 tips on blogging from the leading experts.

  1. Generate ideas from your audience.
  2. Build your email lists.
  3. Create a call to action at the end of your blog posts.
  4. Give stuff away, free content, a free white paper on a favorite topic.
  5. Be Consistent in your message & Blogging. At least once per month to weekly.
  6. Write Catchy headlines.
  7. Share your knowledge with your audience.
  8. Keep it short 300 words minimum to get your post indexed by search engines
  9. Keep it simple with one or two ideas at most. Most readers will read about 60% of your posts
  10. Make it big. Write in depth articles with over 2000 words. Goggle’s spiders love this.
  11. Write for yourself, your own ideas, thoughts, and opinions.


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