18 Emerging Trends in Residential Design.

Design Trends in residential design continue to change at breakneck speed. The only constant is change. This is driven in large part by social media sites such as Pinterest and Houz. 

  1. Outdoor spaces are being integrated into indoors living areas. A blending of two completely different spaces are now treated as one. 
  2. Trend # 2 ties in with trend # 1. Large windows that go from the floor to the ceiling. Allowing for lots of natural light and again blending outdoor living space/landscape to interiors.
  3. Windows frames are being finished in black with an Industrial feel to them.
  4. Modern Farmhouse and Mid-Century Modern design styles are very popular throughout the Country including New England. With the Farmhouse the most popular.
  5. Ceilings have become the fifth wall of design.
  6. Home offices. New and renovated homes are bing designed with modern home offices in mind. Sound Proofing is a big part of the home office design, as well as custom features for the home office user.
  7. The Garden Level ( the new basement)  Traditional space has been used for storage and utilities. No more these areas are being designed and built to be used by the homeowners.
  8. The View is the Art Work  in new designs.
  9. Old formal living rooms are being removed and used for other purposes.
  10. Texture on textures, mixing materials, mixing different types of metals.
  11. Open floor plans that are not so open.
  12. Bright colors are in.
  13. Moving away from Grays. If using grays mix with a warm tone.
  14. Heirloom Furniture pieces are being incorporated into modern designs.
  15. Kitchen Islands that are mixing materials with different levels for mixed uses.
  16. Moving away from the traditional  walk in pantry
  17. Kitchen cabinets  are being designed and built wit deep drawers, or a drawer within a drawer for more storage.
  18. More homes are being designed with older family members in mind. There is growing trend for multi-generation families in a one home.

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