Personal Projects

With the holidays over and the long winter ahead of us it is the time of year to take on personal projects in order to keep my architectural photography skills sharp and ready for the busy summers months.. My current project actually started in August of 2019 with photographing an old and very run down factory in a town near me. It is a beautiful, turn of the century brick and very large beam building with several modern additionals put in over the years. The building has been abandoned since the 1930’s. The site is over grown with trees every where, even spouting out of the roof line. Over the last fews month I have visited the site at least once a week to create new images of this sad old factory.

I am not only interested in preserving the historic significance of this century old factory building, but also preserving the large graffiti murals that have been spray painted on nearly every wall inside and outside the building. Some of the murals are 3 stories high and go the length of the building. Most of the art work is gang/drug related. The color palette is rich and bold. One of my images from this body of work was recently accepted in the Boston Society of Architects’ Architecture and Time art show currently on display in Boston. My goal with this project is threefold 1) is to create a portfolio of images that will showcase the graffitti art on all the walls before the building is totally reclaimed by mother nature .

2) Keep my architecture photography and creative skills sharp during the slow months of winter.

3) Preserve this beautiful old Brick & beam factory for future generations to look at. To showcase construction techniques and materials seldom not used anymore in large factories such as the Art Factory. Below is sampe of images that I have created so far. More trips are planned in the near future.

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